With the mild winter we had this year, and the excellent Spring that met us earlier this month, I haven’t spent much time indoors. My lack of writing is testament to that. So when I visited the Doctors this morning and became diagnosed with Tonsillitis, told to go home to bed and rest for a week, I thought the first thing I would do, after making a cup of tea, would be to write a post on WordPress. I didn’t think about what I would write about, I just decided to write.

Holding a full time job and training and completing a half Marathon, its hard to find time to write. But now I’ve been given an excuse to let go of the modern World and relax. I’m going to spend the rest of time this week writing my second book, simply called ‘O’ for Oxygen.

For those interested here is what I the book is about:

Oxygen is a luxury product, pure, clean, fresh Oxygen. No longer given to people with health problems, its sole purpose is to start the fires that burn the huge amounts of waste produced every year, every day and every minute in the consumer world that is 2075. 12 billion people walk the planet that is not what it once was. The air is dirty, CO2 covers the earth, burns through the atmosphere. Its only redeeming feature is that it prevents the sun’s rays from frying everyone living on fragile Earth. Mass riots and rebellions 30 years ago prompted a strategy to prevent this overcrowding. One man had an answer, he had the power, but he also had a thorn in his side, in the shape of love. The bell had been rung for round two of the survival of the fittest.

I’ll keep you updated with the progress. xx


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