We are constantly reading about global warming and fed numbers that sound like a London bankers bonus. Numbers that most of us just see as big!

But a study has emerged warning that Chinas’ major cities are outsourcing their CO2 emissions to the poorer reigons, bare in mind we have been outsourcing our pollution to China for decades.

In the past, reports linking global warming with China, have thrown figures around like “2 billion tonnes of coal”, “one third of the worlds CO2 emissions” and we are expected to look at China as a power hungry, dirty, problematic country that needs to be resolved.

China today—like the other fast-growing mega-nations, especially India—is obsessed with growth. Slowing it down seems impossible. Fueling that growth requires evermore burning of dirty fossil fuels, which turn skies into haze and light rivers on fire.

This new study is suggesting, it is up to us as buyers of everything Chinesse that needs to change if China is to change it’s current trend of CO2 emmisons.

The abundance of cheap produce from China has led to a “throwaway culture”, said Dabo Guan from the University of Leeds, UK, who worked on the paper.

We as the consumer have the power over China, not politicans or even themselves, to see change and reduce omissions in CO2 and world behaviour.