It’s not really entertainment but it makes me laugh, and also annoyed at the same time.
I don’t know if it’s true where you live, or in the cities of other countries, but my observation is true enough here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It’s that when it rains, and it does here in Western Canada, quite a lot really, it turns normal healthy people into over weight slow moving mammals.

There are a lot of Asian Canadians in Vancouver, who generally are of a shorter height of Westerners.

I’m not at all racists, this is an observation. As soon as the rain starts, people’s space of being able to stand side by side almost touching on the ‘Sidewalk’ (please forgive me for using this term, it is, in Britain a Pavement) doubles, sometimes triples to that of a baby elephant.

And as soon as one person does it – they are everywhere, UMBRELLA’S! Bloody Umbrella’s everywhere. You look in front of you and think there are a thousand strong invasion heading towards you, the only action you can take is head to the open door way to your right.

After what you expect to be an hour, letting this swarm pass, you are amazed to see only three people all brandishing golf size umbrellas. You poke your head out to see if it’s clear again only to be almost one eye shorter as the next wave of ‘brollie’ yielding people pass you by.

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Now on Robson street, the main shopping street running east to west in Downtown Vancouver, and also in the Southern suburb of Richmond the main inhabitants seem to be Asian. As I’m a little taller, I find myself being poked in the ribs, scratched, soaked and attacked from all angles. This I found a little funny to start with but as I now work in Richmond and have to deal with these attacks throughout the year, as it does rain all year for small pockets of each month, I’m getting a little upset.

I have to dodge these people who’s personal space has grown or face damage to clothing or scars that may never heal. I don’t really know an answer to this, if I was to get an Umbrella I would still be taller than my counterparts so it would not really be worth while, unless I were to carry it as a lance.

Anyhow glad to get that of my chest, back to nursing my wounds of a weeks rain. Look out for my next installment of bus Etiquette. x