So here I am, six and a bit weeks into my one year working Visa in Canada. After travelling a lot before this trip you would of thought I would of learnt not to trust anyone, but being the kind hearted, soft faced looking dear that I am, I did and a group of 6 of us ended up giving away £250 just for the hell of it.
But we haven’t let this get us down. I am now working like a coal miner, going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark, I’m going to loose my Greek tan quicker than I thought. But the job I am doing is great fun, I am a snow maker!!

With compressed air and water fed through machines at a high speed we act as gods.
With Wizz kids, Wizards, Super Wizards, Pole Cats and Pole Cats on sticks, plus the Rats, we make the damned best powder on the North Shore of Vancouver. The names above are all the guns we use in our operation to produce such fine white dust.

I also have an apartment below Grouse mountain which is convienent for work and downtown is a moments bus cruise away.
Now I find myself on two days off with the need for a glass of French Red and some shortbread. I have shortbread and I’ll be off now to get that wine.

And this is our view from our work plcae, overlooking down town Vancouver.
Canada loves everybody and everybody loves Canada. xx