It’s a common misconception amongst potential travellers, that to find enlightenment or fulfilment of your inner-self, you have to avoid the so called ‘trodden path’.

Firstly, The path is there for many reasons. Regardless of its route, you will find it generally safe, and with like minded people along the same trail, you will have fun. So you can say to those who scorn you for doing the ever so popular routes, that if there was something else worth seeing, the money generated from tourism would create a brand new path of which to traverse down.

If it isn’t trodden before you, stop, there’s probably a very good reason..

More and more I read about people exploring far off parts of the Arctic, or flying over the central Australian outback and naming un-named things as they stop for lunch. But all of these stories carry the same trend, you have to be extremely wealthy to be able to afford to undertake this kind of travel.

With a guide book and no set itinerary it’s a wonderful feeling waking up in the morning not knowing what awaits you. The situations that you come across and the lessons you take from it are all individual. I have many tales about places I’ve been and people I’ve met. And I’ve met people who have been to the same places as me and taken all kinds of different memories  from looking at the very same thing.

For those who walk the route of several million backpackers around Asia and Australia every year, like I did many moons ago, take heart in being one of those several million. But for me the path doesn’t end when you board the plane home.

You take with it your very own experiences and stories, knowledge and understanding of the world. That knowledge you put into practice and the path you proceed along, is truly yours and yours alone. Your’ll be making the first tracks in the dust, and be aware, it will never be trodden again.



In September 2013 I began a new career of teaching pre-school children in Prague. Although this new path has limited my time for focusing on my next book, it has given me the chance to write songs and poems for the children that I teach.

I have already mentioned the hardship of leaving children when you become attached, and this will be hard at the end of the school year in June, when most of my class will leave for primary school.

Leave as they must, I’ll be happy that with them they take a song or two that I wrote with them in mind. Here are my favorite songs  for these young boys and girls.


You can sail upon the Ocean,

You can sail upon the Sea,

A song to remember all the names of these,

Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern,

The cold of the Arctic too,

All of the oceans and all of the seas,

Shimmer a shiney blue.


We have the Planets and the Stars, Jupiter and Mars,

We have the rivers and the seas, the plants and the trees,

We have the animals and birds, butterflies and bees,

We have our toys to lend, and best of all we have our friends.


I had a little fishie,

She climbed into a tree,

She ate all the bananas

So she could look like me.

A million years went by,

A million starry skies,

Now she’s counting fingers

And she can count to five.


With our Christmas concert just around the corner, we’ll be writing together again for this special time of year.


With the mild winter we had this year, and the excellent Spring that met us earlier this month, I haven’t spent much time indoors. My lack of writing is testament to that. So when I visited the Doctors this morning and became diagnosed with Tonsillitis, told to go home to bed and rest for a week, I thought the first thing I would do, after making a cup of tea, would be to write a post on WordPress. I didn’t think about what I would write about, I just decided to write.

Holding a full time job and training and completing a half Marathon, its hard to find time to write. But now I’ve been given an excuse to let go of the modern World and relax. I’m going to spend the rest of time this week writing my second book, simply called ‘O’ for Oxygen.

For those interested here is what I the book is about:

Oxygen is a luxury product, pure, clean, fresh Oxygen. No longer given to people with health problems, its sole purpose is to start the fires that burn the huge amounts of waste produced every year, every day and every minute in the consumer world that is 2075. 12 billion people walk the planet that is not what it once was. The air is dirty, CO2 covers the earth, burns through the atmosphere. Its only redeeming feature is that it prevents the sun’s rays from frying everyone living on fragile Earth. Mass riots and rebellions 30 years ago prompted a strategy to prevent this overcrowding. One man had an answer, he had the power, but he also had a thorn in his side, in the shape of love. The bell had been rung for round two of the survival of the fittest.

I’ll keep you updated with the progress. xx


I have already written about how great I think my book is under the ever-so comical title blowing my own trumpet.

I have even told you how all royalties will be going to Partners in Health, a fantastic charity bringing hope to the poorest places on Earth.

So when someone else writes praise for ‘the waiting room‘, I feel it my role to help promote that person’s opinions. All for a better cause.

The words were written after I submitted ‘the waiting room’ to the Self Published Book Awards, ran by Chapter One Promotions, where Wendy Kearns, the competition Judge, wrote:

the waiting room by Ricky Barrington.  A very cleverly written book and the storyline about ‘the waiting room’ is a truly brilliant idea for a book.  You are transported to and fro with the author who has the skill to really take you inside the story so you feel you know the characters and you can feel what they are feeling.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the emotional journey it took me on but sadly it was let down by it’s lack of editing.  

I am still looking for an agent to take up this book, plus the two manuscripts which sit unfinished on my laptop. Any offers?



Still looking for a Christmas gift? By buying R.S. Barrington’s The Waiting Room, you can give twice this Christmas! Here is why:

When I read anything written about or by, Dr Paul Farmer, I feel deeply moved and heavy of heart. Here is a man who has given his life to people who, without him, would have had no life. As often as I can, I spread the news of the fantastic work that Partners In Health (PIH) has achieved, and what they continue to do, in some of the poorest and remote places on Earth. 

I implore you to read up on what they have done and what they continue to do!!

I am often asked how I came to know about PIH. When I answer that my favourite band has connections with Haiti, the country that PIH was conceived in, the conversation turns to Arcade Fire.

On their 2007 tour they donated $1.00, €1.00 or £1.00 of every ticket directly to the charity. Arcade Fire front duo, Win Butler and Régine Chassagne, found out about PIH after reading Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains, and later went on to compliment the Haitian proverb by using it as lyrics in Sprawl II, from their third album The Suburbs.

As a fan of both Arcade Fire and the work carried out by PIH, I continue in the same vein with all royalties from the sale of my book The Waiting Room going to the charity to help in their continued good work.

So this Christmas, Give Twice.


Before I confine my latest travelling moleskin to the back of a deep drawer, I thought you might be interested in what was inside it. Tell me if I’m wrong!

The sun it rises and west it goes
The wind it blows and blows and blows
The rain it falls and feeds the ground
The grass it grows and grows and grows
The waves they crash and crush the coast
The moon it glows and glows and glows


As I stop and listen I hear a bird, a cry
The ocean laughter and the sand at my feet
The wind on my cheek, the heat on my back
I can taste the air, a bbq far away
The salt on my lips and the stares I attract
I hold my white stick and I’m gone


The clouds aren’t even moving
There’s no wind in the sky
Just sat there motionless
As I stare with my eye.

The sun turns them pink
The silver lining shining
A childs drawn rain house
Looking down and smiling


Trial and error till the size fits
Feel the terror of my two fists
Sports and punching inside the ring
Play to the bell wait for the ding


Shop shop get it quick
3 days left burn the wick
Quicker quicker run to the till
Christmas time over the hill
Toys toys for little boys
Shrills and frills for little girls


I never knew your name as we played your silly game
Running down the lane with a bucket full of rain
Playing our silly game we ran down the lane
With a bucket full of rain you whisper to me your name
Running down the lane with a bucket full of rain
I remembered your name playing that silly game
With a bucket full of rain I shouted out your name
Playing a silly game walking down our lane.

That’ll do for now. Enjoy. xx


In the world of publishing and self-promotion, every one needs a break. I gave myself just that and entered my first book ‘The Waiting Room’ into the Self Published book awards hosted by Chapter One Promotions. Along with sending the books, you are required to add a self addressed postcard to be returned on receipt of your books being delivered. I did just that and rather cheeky too, here is mine:

Self Addressed Postcard.

Postcard to myself.