Home this winter is Chalet Eterlou in Tignes-les-Brevieres, with Jajina as Chalet Girl I am in the position of Handy man.

When applying for the jobs we received a pdf titled ‘job description-Chalet Girl’ Jajina’s made for some bed time reading, three A4 pages detailing her chores in great detail. After reading this together we opened the ‘handyman’ page.

My job was described in far less detail:

  • Clear the paths from snow
  • Fix things when they are broken
  • Sit with, eat with and chat up the guests in the evenings

This I have achieved with great success in the first two weeks, clearing almost three meters of snow from the garden, fixing countless leaks in this charming 80’s Chalet and selling two books in physical format and one as a download. Guests here have been reading the Chalet copy with a smile, as our first guest remarked “I can hear your voice Ricky as I read it”-this I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Sitting down with 16 new people for dinner every week allows for some interesting topics to be discussed and some funny tales to be aired. I shall be posting more stories as they unfold throughout the winter.