In the same conversation with friends last week we discussed loosing weight and our futures. Soon to be off for 2 months in China before using their once in a life time working visa in Australia, my two best friends both hope to shed pounds whilst away.
One said ‘I’ll be travelling through a third world country which will be hot, so not in the mood for eating.’ Hoping to loose stones rather than rupees he believes the weight will drop off.
The chat then turns to our future. All off in different directions but ultimately with the same ideas and dreams once the time comes to settle down. A life in France, we talk of French life, French wine, French women and then the stumbling block. The French language. One friend has a basic grasp, while myself for one does not completely understand my native tongue.
And then Greg pipes up about his time in Gambia. Where he meet a very nice family. The men of the house hold – a basic bungalow in a dirty street – couldn’t read or write. But HE could speak 4¬†languages fluently.
The next question to ask was who lived in the capitalist labelled third world. For the money and the possessions may be in the West but surely the more important things, such as strong family values still exist in these ‘wayward’ countries.
So in such things like Cars and TV and Fancy houses the West has won. But in love, character, Ambition and Understanding I think the third world title belongs to us sat in front of our computers. xx