Meet Johnny. Half of our employers here in Tignes les Breveriers.

After a day of skiing, cooking for and entertaining the guests, our evenings end with a dog hunt.

Johnny leaves the Chalet for the walk home with two dogs on two leads. We sit by our open fire awaiting the phone call that will inform us of which dog has been lost.

‘Poppy’ the elder one will make her way either home, or back to the chalet, depending on what part of her short journey she was let free. Or ‘Bella’ the puppy black lab that goes straight for the sausage stall that is a permanent fixture at the base of the slopes.

Depending on the dog, depends on how many of us go in search. If it’s Poppy, there is less demand as she is more capable of getting herself home than her walker. If it’s Bella then we go out en mass to make sure she isn’t run over by the sliding British motorists who think, because a few flakes fell in the UK, they have experience of driving in snow.


Johnny was entrusted to walk the dogs to the Chalet last week, and in doing so he lost Poppy en route. When instructed to go out and find her, he returned triumphant holding her lead up high, I’ve found her he beamed, and in the process he lost Bella.

When Johnny was talking fondly of his dogs to one guest recently, he was asked “What dogs do you have?”

“Black ones” he replied!