I’m going to predict the future and give it a somewhat happy ending, but first I’ll set the scene. Nepal 2010, home of the tallest mountain on earth and birthplace of the most peaceful religion, Buddhism, is struck by a chain of cholera. Eight people die from the affected 1400 as the monsoon season ends, this level of outbreak is classed as routine and easy to control.

It is summer. In January of this year an earthquake devastates the country of Haiti effecting 3 million of its 9 million population. A third of the countries inhabitants. It is stated that the death toll will remain uncounted as disaster response teams deal with survivors rather than count bodies.

Edmond Mulet, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, said, “I do not think we will ever know what the death toll is from this earthquake” 

The 1.6 million homeless wait patiently for undelivered, promised aid as for the FIRST time in History, Cholera reaches Haiti. All fingers point to the Nepalese soldiers who, after arriving in Haiti in 2010, spilt waste and sewage from their UN base into the Artibonite River, which became the source of cholera in Haiti. The outbreak began in mid October 2010 in the rural Artibronite Department. There can be no coincidence.

I wonder if Mr Edmond Mulet knows the amount of people who have died from the Cholera, or as a result of his peacekeeping force firing on the Haitians during riots?

The death toll in Haiti from Cholera is over 7000, the amount of people effected by the disease directly or personally, on this Caribbean island, is impossible to imagine.

As for my prediction, I see the UN doing a U-turn. I see them apologising whole heartedly, I see them promising more and more aid to help in this crisis. UNfortunately I don’t see this aid reaching its destination in time, I only see this acceptance of blame well after the Nepalese soldiers have left the country and cholera behind them.

Please please please Watch this video and sign the petition, lets learn to be truthful, accepting of all faults in life and by accepting these faults we can learn together.