Two lives cross in a winter mountain car park.

You know you’ve made it when, as you approach your sparkling new family car in a supermarket car park, where every other car around you is covered in dirty snow, salt and grit from driving in two foot of snow for the past month, you press a button and your boot opens. With a trolley full of boxes of wine you load them into your car and as you walk away the boot closes automatically. This happened as two gentlemen in there late 40’s, probably volunteered to do the weekly shop.

Shortly afterwards another couple of gentlemen approach their car, one of the cars covered in dirty snow, salt and grit. They too are in their 40’s. The one guy searches for his keys and unlocks the boot manually, then lifts the door and reaches in for a wooden broom handle. Using this he props up the boot as they load their car with nappies, baby food and snacks. I had the feeling these two gentlemen were sent shopping by their wives. 

Not quiet there yet……