In the world of publishing and self-promotion, every one needs a break. I gave myself just that and entered my first book ‘The Waiting Room’ into the Self Published book awards hosted by Chapter One Promotions. Along with sending the books, you are required to add a self addressed postcard to be returned on receipt of your books being delivered. I did just that and rather cheeky too, here is mine:

Self Addressed Postcard.

Postcard to myself.



Following the release of Arcade Fire’s third album in August 2010, the band invited fans to visit a website set up to coincide with the release. This was not the first time, as with their first album ‘Funeral’ in 2005 allowed visitors to their website to interact and get to know more about the band.

Neon Bible’, the bands second album showed that the minds of the personal of Arcade Fire were much more than just about the music. Their live shows are a tribute to that.

With ‘The Suburbs’ website, ‘The Wilderness Downtown‘ you are encouraged to input the postcode of the place you grew up. I will not spoil the show by telling you what happens but at the end it asks you to write a postcard to your younger self.

I did just that and wish to share it with you.

A letter to my former self, my younger me. 

Be a little tougher my friend.

Not fighting fit,

But in frame of mind,

Don’t be so easy to bend.

Learn to say no now and again.

Carry on helping old and young,

For your the man’s third son.

Your name preceeds you,

So think about that before you act.

You will always be your brother’s brother,

So you don’t need a silly name.

Although in the climate of cyber space,

A good name plays a great game.

People know you for who you are,

People know you for what you do.

The area you live in is too small to hide,

So be a little tougher my friend.

But fear not, as we get there in the end. x