In the world of publishing and self-promotion, every one needs a break. I gave myself just that and entered my first book ‘The Waiting Room’ into the Self Published book awards hosted by Chapter One Promotions. Along with sending the books, you are required to add a self addressed postcard to be returned on receipt of your books being delivered. I did just that and rather cheeky too, here is mine:

Self Addressed Postcard.

Postcard to myself.



When I see an article with the head line ’10 things about…’ I cringe.

1/any ’10 things’ list starts by repeating the headline; this is a list of ten things about ten things.

2/ the meatiest observation is always written here to make the reader think the list is going somewhere.

3/ number three is the tricky one, often the first three ‘10 things about…’ are seen on a webpage and you have to click ‘read more’ if you want to err, read more.

4/ is often the funny one to make you feel rewarded for having clicked on the ‘read more’ button.

5/ rebrands the trend of the first to stimulate interest.

6/ is the bloggers personal experience with disinteresting consequences.

7/ is short after ‘6’s lengthy tale about the ‘thing’ in the ten that might have once been funny.

8/ by now most people have stopped reading and have Google searched their own name to see how many people in the world share their initials.

9/ much like this list about ‘10 things’, the final few are a slight variation of the previous eight as the author struggles to find new material.

10/ and the tenth is always relating to the nine above but not actually giving new advice.