Running Chalet Eterlou this winter has its perks. We get to ski everyday, our lift pass is paid for, our accommodation is three minutes from the slopes, and we get beer money at the end of each week.

We also get the chance to greet new fresh and excited guests every change over day. This guarantees to be fun if not unbearable, greeting  all kinds of personalities, sense of humour and charm.

So far, 90% of our guests in the first three weeks have become friends, people who are here to enjoy themselves and get the most out of their holiday as possible. These people have been hard to say goodbye to, but with today’s lifestyle and social media we can keep in touch and continue the fun that brought us together in the short time that our lives past.

But one family this week, that 10% of guests so far, I just can’t wait for change over day. It’s not that they are unpleasant, they are not rude, but some people really shouldn’t be allowed out of their homes. It’s hard to point out what is so irritating about this family but I’m not alone in volunteering to help pack their bags.

We won’t help dig out their snow covered car, we won’t be carrying their luggage for them and we wont walk along the drive and wave as they turn the corner. We will quietly close the door and breathe a sigh of relief.

Next week we have four guests, a calm hangover after the Christmas and New Year party.