Still looking for a Christmas gift? By buying R.S. Barrington’s The Waiting Room, you can give twice this Christmas! Here is why:

When I read anything written about or by, Dr Paul Farmer, I feel deeply moved and heavy of heart. Here is a man who has given his life to people who, without him, would have had no life. As often as I can, I spread the news of the fantastic work that Partners In Health (PIH) has achieved, and what they continue to do, in some of the poorest and remote places on Earth. 

I implore you to read up on what they have done and what they continue to do!!

I am often asked how I came to know about PIH. When I answer that my favourite band has connections with Haiti, the country that PIH was conceived in, the conversation turns to Arcade Fire.

On their 2007 tour they donated $1.00, €1.00 or £1.00 of every ticket directly to the charity. Arcade Fire front duo, Win Butler and Régine Chassagne, found out about PIH after reading Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains, and later went on to compliment the Haitian proverb by using it as lyrics in Sprawl II, from their third album The Suburbs.

As a fan of both Arcade Fire and the work carried out by PIH, I continue in the same vein with all royalties from the sale of my book The Waiting Room going to the charity to help in their continued good work.

So this Christmas, Give Twice.



Arcade fire are recieving some stick for asking fans to dress up at their forth coming shows. The band reCostume PreperationquMental Preperation!!est this so the audience feels a part of the show. We went to one such event and we didn’t see one person not dressed up. If you have a problem with dressing up, grow up, or don’t go. These are ten of our best pictures from Arcade Fire in Paris at the Pavillon Baltard, 22nd November 2013. Dressing up is all part of the fun….  Sante

I dream about this all the time, it happens I can't find the words.

I dream about this all the time, it happens I can’t find the words.

Reflektor Tour!! We used to Wait... Front row!! Win Butler. IMG_1105 IMG_1122


ReflektorI have to state that I am a massive fan of everything James Murphy. His produced work, his musical talent and his hugely successful LCD Soundsystem. I was devastated to hear the news that they were to split up. But I had been luckily enough to see them live on several occasions, touring worldwide with the ever popular Arcade Fire.

When the news came through that Murphy would be producing the new Arcade Fire album I had no doubts that it was going to be great. Come the hour and I have now got hold of the album. All shrink wrapped and shiny.

When the single ‘Reflektor’ was released on the 9th day of the 9th month at 9pm I was as excited as a pig at home. When the first few bars hit my ears I have to say my first reaction was disappointment. It wasn’t the Arcade Fire I knew and loved. But then again, when their second album, ‘Neon Bible’, and third Album ‘The Suburbs’ was released I then too, had a new introduction to my favourite band.

So why did I instantly feel frightened when I heard the opening of ‘Reflektor’ on that special day? Knowing ‘Reflektor’ the album was being produced by someone whose own last album had an average song length of seven minutes, I knew it couldn’t be a song that burst into theme like that of ‘The Suburbs’. ‘Reflektor’ the single, builds into what is Arcade Fire, it doesn’t jump at you like their earlier singles. This dances its way into your senses, sways into your subconscious dragging you with it.

I was scared to listen to those two brand new vinyls and not hear who I wanted on the other end. Like calling your wife and hearing a mans voice. No one wants those unnessaccary upsets. I gave in and listened to the whole of ‘Reflektor’ and danced with a smile on my face untill the very end.

The whole album is the same as it’s title track. Catchy layers that build into an orchestral masterpiece that is hard to put down. Both discs are as fantastic as their partner, it is tough to choose which to play, my favourite song changing everyday.

So after to listening to the album I have to send a massive thank you to both parties, James Murphy for keeping LCD Soundsystem alive through the medium of ‘Reflektor’ and to Arcade Fire themselves for yet again offering the world something to listen to, dance with and reflect on.




Before I confine my latest travelling moleskin to the back of a deep drawer, I thought you might be interested in what was inside it. Tell me if I’m wrong!

The sun it rises and west it goes
The wind it blows and blows and blows
The rain it falls and feeds the ground
The grass it grows and grows and grows
The waves they crash and crush the coast
The moon it glows and glows and glows


As I stop and listen I hear a bird, a cry
The ocean laughter and the sand at my feet
The wind on my cheek, the heat on my back
I can taste the air, a bbq far away
The salt on my lips and the stares I attract
I hold my white stick and I’m gone


The clouds aren’t even moving
There’s no wind in the sky
Just sat there motionless
As I stare with my eye.

The sun turns them pink
The silver lining shining
A childs drawn rain house
Looking down and smiling


Trial and error till the size fits
Feel the terror of my two fists
Sports and punching inside the ring
Play to the bell wait for the ding


Shop shop get it quick
3 days left burn the wick
Quicker quicker run to the till
Christmas time over the hill
Toys toys for little boys
Shrills and frills for little girls


I never knew your name as we played your silly game
Running down the lane with a bucket full of rain
Playing our silly game we ran down the lane
With a bucket full of rain you whisper to me your name
Running down the lane with a bucket full of rain
I remembered your name playing that silly game
With a bucket full of rain I shouted out your name
Playing a silly game walking down our lane.

That’ll do for now. Enjoy. xx


We are constantly reading about global warming and fed numbers that sound like a London bankers bonus. Numbers that most of us just see as big!

But a study has emerged warning that Chinas’ major cities are outsourcing their CO2 emissions to the poorer reigons, bare in mind we have been outsourcing our pollution to China for decades.

In the past, reports linking global warming with China, have thrown figures around like “2 billion tonnes of coal”, “one third of the worlds CO2 emissions” and we are expected to look at China as a power hungry, dirty, problematic country that needs to be resolved.

China today—like the other fast-growing mega-nations, especially India—is obsessed with growth. Slowing it down seems impossible. Fueling that growth requires evermore burning of dirty fossil fuels, which turn skies into haze and light rivers on fire.

This new study is suggesting, it is up to us as buyers of everything Chinesse that needs to change if China is to change it’s current trend of CO2 emmisons.

The abundance of cheap produce from China has led to a “throwaway culture”, said Dabo Guan from the University of Leeds, UK, who worked on the paper.

We as the consumer have the power over China, not politicans or even themselves, to see change and reduce omissions in CO2 and world behaviour.


In the world of publishing and self-promotion, every one needs a break. I gave myself just that and entered my first book ‘The Waiting Room’ into the Self Published book awards hosted by Chapter One Promotions. Along with sending the books, you are required to add a self addressed postcard to be returned on receipt of your books being delivered. I did just that and rather cheeky too, here is mine:

Self Addressed Postcard.

Postcard to myself.