I, like all other sports fans am excited knowing that not only Euro 2012 will entertain us this summer but also the Summer Olympics held in London. Day seven of the Olympic Torch relay through the UK saw it pass through the small town of Ross on Wye.

Olympic Torch Relay day 7

I arranged with my brothers and their families to meet in our small town centre to watch as the torch relay made its way through crowded streets into Wales, on route to London.

The atmosphere was filled with a great sense of community and togetherness, exactly what the Games are meant to represent. The children had flags, excitedly waving and everyone there had a smile on their face.

The police demonstrated a large presence circling the small streets and, to much laughter were waving like royalty atop their motor bikes. After this we saw numerous sponsorship buses barely able to squeeze past the assembled crowd as they rumbled on towards London.

The excitement in the crowd was set to reach fever pitch as the last police car told spectators the flame was only a few minutes away.

Then it passed us. Before we knew it the Olympic torch had passed before our eyes, hidden from view by a large truck filming the event and shielding the trophy that had drawn such a number of fans. The girl carrying the flame was escorted by four, for sake of a better word, body guards, who also helped obstruct the view.

The crowd disbanded disappointed and the organisers were cutting down the bunting before the truck had turned the corner. Those who decided to watch from home had a better view. The rest of us will have to wait another 64 years.



  1. electricbohemian says:

    What is becoming of the world, I mean come on! Apparently in cornwall the police had to rugby tackle someone as they thought he was making for the flame, I mean why would anyone want to do that! Its so weird as years go on the more they seem to think we need so much security for things, like they think all of the sudden we have become more violent or something weird!

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