Which three persons, dead or alive, would you like to ask a question to and have a drink with? And for fun, what drink would it be?

For me it would be three people who in their own right have a way with words that make people listen.

1/ Sir Winston Churchill. What question and what drink?

As a big fan of Churchill, I would have to ask; “how did you make up the quotes and phrases that caused such emotion and belief not only in the British public but to the listening wireless world?” Whether it was him or he had a team of what would today be called spin doctors, would not change my perspective of him. It was not necessarily what was said, but in the delivery. In his delivery that made your hairs stand on end. I have unsuccessfully tried to recapture Churchill’s narrative several times and failed. Whilst it has been captured beautifully by Albert Finny in the BBC film ‘The Gathering Storm’ I shall continue to practice my pause and deeper voice.

Drink: A brandy and (short pause) as always (longer pause for effect) a Cuban cigar.

2/ Radio presenter John Peel. What question and what drink?

Anyone who heard the late great John Peel on the radio would fall instantly in love with his voice and ability to send anyone to sleep. If you weren’t interested in what he was playing his tone and slow speech acted as a cure for insomniacs. My question would have to be; “what was the first album you bought and what was your first gig?” (I know its two questions!) I often hear this question on BBC 6music to those who ring in on Steve Lamaq’s drive time show and although I’ve been to my fair share of gigs and have a healthy record collection, I can’t for the life of me remember who I saw first or what album I saved to buy as a teenager. I do remember ‘borrowing’ albums from my two older brothers, one a Blur fan, the other avid Oasis, (you were not allowed to like them both) maybe this has added to the confusion of which albums were actually, legally mine.

Drink: A pint at the Kop End.

3/ Joy Division front man Ian Curtis. What question and what drink?

Ian Curtis committed suicide on the 18th May 1980, three days before embarking on a tour of the USA with his band Joy Division. I was born on the 18th May wait for it, 1981, reincarnation? Although I insist on it, I cannot sing no matter how much I try, so I don’t think I’m Mr Curtis’s reincarnation. I would ask; “what inspired you to write such dark material?” All the stories I am working on at present have dark themes. I find this is easy to create emotion in the reader/viewer or listener but as I am of a jolly disposition friends and family who read what I write find it hard to believe that I have these ideas. Ultimately it took Ian Curtis’s life so maybe I should have a change thought before I write anymore.

Drink: A pint of bitter in a smoky pub.

Who would you drink with and what would you ask?



  1. electricbohemian says:

    Thing is I would just basically want to get really drunk with all of mine and they would have to speak to me all the time, as I’m not very good with questions, I would love to drink whisky with Dylan Thomas and be entertained by him all night long, then I would drink gin and tonics with Anis Ninn go wild and talk about dreams and the moon hmmm and then drink wine with old Austin Girl go dancing and find out what they boys were really like in her world!

    I know what you mean regarding Winston Churchill, I went to the British Library not so long ago and they had the English Language exhibition on it was AMAZING ever so often Winston Churchhill’s voice would boom out and I would just get so emotional! I tell you what you should search The Last Dictator Speech on You Tube, its one of my fav speech’s by Charlie Chaplin.

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