I have been asked to give travel advice by two young travellers who recently crossed my path. At the age of 18 the pair has already done a lot more than I did at that age. I was only dreaming of distant shores and saving for my first trip which wouldn’t come for another five years for me. With this I have gained experience in the working world before jumping ship for foreign lands.

I sat them down and so began…………….

When travelling in a pair as friends, it can be hard to achieve everything you set out to without upsetting your travelling partner.

Here is my advice.

You’re going to be in the moment where you have to make a decision for yourself. Don’t think too much about the pros and cons, do what feels naturally right.

Have an argument. If there is a situation that is testing your resolve, then air the problem. A friendship should be able to survive a storm and in the aftermath you’ll feel better for it.

Trust your partner’s instincts. On the road there will be no one who knows you like your travelling partner who should have both your best interests in mind. Listen to each other’s advice, even if it is ridicule.

Don’t chase a relationship on the road. If paths allow you to travel with both the target of your affection and your travel partner then this can have advantages and problems. Allow it to continue without trying to force the situation.

Be strong enough to allow a friend to follow the attraction that you too have affection for. Jealousy is an ugly emotion that isn’t only connected with sex. Be careful not to become hot headed, patients brings reward.

Do something alone now and again. Even if it’s just taking a walk or reading a book, having some   time alone allows you to relax and focus on yourself.

Keep in touch with each other’s emotions. It can be scary and emotional to be away from home, even for seasoned travellers. Don’t mistake a partner’s mood for a personal insult. Support each other.

If you decide to go separate ways stay in touch and share experiences and advice. Don’t blame your partner for wanting to do something that you don’t. Enjoy the challenge of being independent.

Travelling throws up so many unknown and unplanned situations. Be flexible and ride the journey that unravels before you.


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