Had enough of all the Reality TV they keep throwing at us. Here is my advert for the next season of voting. Spoken in an over enthusiastic Geordie accent.

Introducing a brand new way to vote!


Install ‘Tw*tter’ on your old unused desktop and follow the new BBC sing along reality TV show voting for the biggest ‘Tw*t’ – Judges included!

Install now and continue to vote on Channel Four’s 121st Big Brother series. Vote on hair style, fashion and general attitude, and for a chance to meet your favourite, click the all new ‘I want to sleep with you’ button!

Guess which contestants are sleeping with the judges in order to get through!

Install ‘Tw*tter’ now and pay monthly to receive updates to find out who, in reality TV, is the biggest Tw*t, and don’t forget – Judges Included!

Don’t delay, install today and spend every waking minute checking updates of your favourite ‘Tw*t’

Coming soon ‘Tw*t*thon’ – Live ‘Tw*tting’


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