When living away from the UK the thing I miss the most is fish and chips. It’s something I wouldn’t trust myself to cook and if not cooked properly could put me off them for life.

With visiting friends, this was the question we asked ourselves before booking a table at the local pub which advertised a ‘Fish and Chip’ night. Are they going to be British fish and chips? I have experienced other countries attempts at the traditional dish but have to admit, no one does it like the Brits.

So we went to give an evaluation of how the French were going to deal with this recipe and we were not disappointed. The chips cooked enough as not to be white on the inside, (there is nothing worse than being served those ‘just ready’ chips from your local, they need to be slightly brown) and the fish was sweet and juicy, even served with mushy peas and tartar sauce.

The whole affair was very British with the conversation in the bar being conducted in English, it was obviously a menu that many ex pats were missing. A meal that isn’t readily available in rural south west France.

But as we found out during the evening, there was an English person in the kitchen cooking the meal, thus somehow cheating, we couldn’t give the credit to the French.



  1. Damian says:

    I’m living in London and I still haven’t found my perfect FnC fix in this town. It’s either cheap and nasty with soggy chips and dry fish, or just OK and £10+ at a pub, which defeats the purpose! The search goes on…

    • 3arrington says:

      I find that fish and chips in a pub are cheating somehow, too much on the presentation rather than taste. The whole ideal of F+C is to be able to be a bit ‘dirty’ in your approach to eating them. You can’t do this in a pub. Good luck in the search.

  2. electricbohemian says:

    I’m having in trouble here in Brighton as well, very disappointing and this is a seaside town! I think the reason is many are using frozen chips, not good! Up North you get much better quality and they are especially good accompanied with steak pudding and gravy YUM!!

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