Before I continue writing any more about my adventures I should introduce a big part of myself – Ricardo Bazwarey.

Coming from a large family and living in a small town can be advantageous but can also be repetitive. I am the third of four boys raised by their father in a town with a population of 10,000.

Often being seen in the eyes of my fellow townies as the brother of…I was always answering questions about my brothers. I was of average popularity, I had my own friends but when I was meeting new people I was always a third person.

On one occasion I was shouted at across a busy petrol station and handed four party tickets to a family who also had four children. The one who gave me the tickets when I answered his call of ‘Oi Barrington,’ was the friend and age of my oldest brother. Like I mentioned, it can have its advantages.

To the friends of my father I was always introduced as his third son. Looking back I see this was done in a very proud way, not a selfish accomplishment that he had raised four boys, but in honest self reflect of how I had grown. He was proud to introduce me as number three of his polite, hard working and decent four children.

This was something I had trouble with when I was 20. I wanted my own identity, my own voice and be recognised for that.

I have no idea where the name Bazwarey came from but it was a name that I would become known by for good and humorous reasons. It is the name I use for Facebook and primary email account, and I have lots of fond memories of using ‘Bazwarey’

As I have matured I don’t see any error in my pseudonym, I’m sure it has helped me grow and become who I am today. Nowadays I take a different look on life, I want to be my brother’s brother, I am ready to be shouted at. You will notice my WordPress name: 3arrington, proudly announcing the love I feel for my family.
And so Bazwarey Travels……..


3 comments on “BIRTH OF BAZWAREY

  1. Rick, i always look out for your blogs now. They are very good. Love from 1arrington. Doesn’t really work does it? X

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  3. […] I had been sent there to answer some questions about our visiting friend. A friend who knew me as Ricky to talk to, but when she had seen my name written down on social networks I was Ricardo Bazwarey. […]

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