Unlike a song or film that gets massive media attention by being repeated on radios or rerun on television, a good blog is written, read, and left to decay on the invisible airwaves of the internet.

Unless massive media interest passes by your own blog page, your thought provoking words are swept under the radar.

To gain an audience not only requires time and energy but a huge amount of effort and research to carefully word what you want to portray.

To keep an enthusiastic following you have to write continuously interesting articles and often an article that you’re proud of is pushed to the depths of your blog as you write more and more. Only by chance will the history of your blogging prowess be dug up by someone searching your back catalogue in search of what makes you tick.

The real trick is to write what you want and not worry about who reads it, what people think or how it will be seen in eyes of someone you don’t want to offend.

Honest blogging is the hardest of all.



  1. As someone writing fiction for a blog, spending hours writing and editing individual stories, I fully understand the queasiness that comes with seeing my own work “pushed to the depths of your blog as you write more and more.” Ever newer, ever fresher.

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