I recently had the luxury of waiting for a connecting flight in Lyon airport, France. It is currently being renovated and as this is the case, watching people from the bar in terminal 1 made for some interesting viewing. As I found out following the overhead signs that once made sense, it was advisable to arrive an extra hour early to help yourself navigate the mayhem. Here is my tribute to the ‘People of Lyon Airport.’

The people who leave, the people who fuss, the people who patiently wait for the bus,

The people who stand, the people who walk, the people who loudly shout and talk,

The people who sit, the people who stare, the people who comb and play with their hair,

The people who write, the people who read, the people who have babies to feed,

The people who watch, the people who clean, the people who stare at the TV screen,

The people who work, the people who sing, the people who answer the second ring,

The people who text, the people who drink, the people who travel generally stink,

People are there and people are here and people like me sat with a beer. X


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