When I see an article with the head line ’10 things about…’ I cringe.

1/any ’10 things’ list starts by repeating the headline; this is a list of ten things about ten things.

2/ the meatiest observation is always written here to make the reader think the list is going somewhere.

3/ number three is the tricky one, often the first three ‘10 things about…’ are seen on a webpage and you have to click ‘read more’ if you want to err, read more.

4/ is often the funny one to make you feel rewarded for having clicked on the ‘read more’ button.

5/ rebrands the trend of the first to stimulate interest.

6/ is the bloggers personal experience with disinteresting consequences.

7/ is short after ‘6’s lengthy tale about the ‘thing’ in the ten that might have once been funny.

8/ by now most people have stopped reading and have Google searched their own name to see how many people in the world share their initials.

9/ much like this list about ‘10 things’, the final few are a slight variation of the previous eight as the author struggles to find new material.

10/ and the tenth is always relating to the nine above but not actually giving new advice.



  1. Emma Gascoigne says:

    I really must stop sending these types of press releases out 🙂

  2. l w says:

    If you want to put your theory truly to the test then go to http://www.tenthings.co.uk!
    You might be gone some time…….

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