“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” Auldous Huxley


The word travel conjures up an image of not just somewhere exotic and mysterious but of tanned faces, smiling eyes and unusual odours.

The destination we choose is what we dream about before going but it is the people we meet that fuel our memories when we return.

It is known that a journey is not only the places we visit but people who smile at us along the way. This smile can come from anywhere. It doesn’t have to be anywhere at all handsome; a person waiting with you at an airport can have as much effect on a trip as a native of a far off land.

It’s the simple things that give us the gift of memory which turn any event from the mundane to something we will cherish, for good or bad reasons.

Body language has a massive effect on the people you meet. A smile and eye contact can grab the heart and attention of the hardest of people. It can remove fear and represent the outcome you are looking for, not only in friendly situations but this is also true with authority.

When dealing with customs or police attitude is everything.

When you land it can be lonely and fearful being away from familiar surroundings, with noise, heat, and often jetlag. Getting out there is the only way to overcome these emotions.

A simple chat in a shop or a bar can spear head a long lasting friendship.

But it can be hard to meet local people to get a sense for the passion and heart of some destinations.

These places I feel are the ones that speak your native tongue.

When landing in a place with no way of talking with its people, it is actions that speak a thousand words. The effort people make to show you what you’re looking for, the eyes wanting and waiting for you to comprehend. The hysterics of some lady pleading with you to show some sign that you follow her directions or an elderly man insisting on walking you to the place you seek.

Where you travel and speak the language the offer of help can often be short, reflecting negative energy and although not an unwilling helper, the memory is run of the mill.

There is nothing more frustratingly reassuring, than explaining yourself over and over again to someone who doesn’t speak one word of your language, and you not one word of theirs.

With this encounter you can get a real feel for the people who inhabit the place you have chosen to explore. And a happy memory that brings a smile. x



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