Visiting my younger brother in Vancouver Canada after not seeing him for 16 months was an emotional time. I was happy to visit him after spending over a year there myself, and to communicate back to our two older brothers how young Russell was coping on the west coast of Canada.

Russell worked strange hours, working early mornings to finish mid afternoon, pipe laying all through the lower mainland.

Most afternoons I would be out and about, either visiting friends or sitting by the local lake putting the finishing touches to my first book ‘The Waiting Room.’

I would receive a call from my brother asking ‘Where are you?’ and ‘What are you up to?’ followed by a small pause before what has now become our catch phrase “Quick Half?” We would meet in the closest bar to both of our positions near Vancouver’s Commercial drive area.

One ‘Quick Half’ would turn into several complete ones and we would retire before doing it all over again the next day, my brother sluggishly to work and me to again sit by the lake and sleep off my headache.

After five weeks with my brother in Vancouver, I was setting off for another 5 week adventure across America to end in New York. On my parting evening we made a film to send to our older brothers back in the UK.

Letting them know we were both safe and happy, we sent the video to much admiration.

Click on ‘MEET MY BROTHER’…..at the top of the page, enjoy.


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